Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Redmond Store Falls One Floor, Gets Cavities

Apparently, Girl Friday K took it upon herself to move the Redmond Comic Stop down one floor so she could be closer to the Sweet Factory in the RTC. I know this because I gleaned it from an obtuse twitter I saw on her blog. Using my impressive deduction skills, I also now know that Girl Friday K is the mysterious thief who has been committing Marmot-themed crimes all over the city. Her next target: Bill Gates impressive LolCats collection!


Girl Friday said...

I <3 this post times a million. But my twitters aren't obtuse! And that's the best headline. We should write the Times regarding this shift.

And I did do it to get closer to the Sweet Factory--they have sour candies, which are my favorite. Because I don't really like chocolate. (This will be on a quiz later. A quiz in the form of me getting candy)

Also, you don't have any evidence of Marmot shenanigans.

We all LOSE for not posting this news in The Stop's blog, btw. I'll blame the fact that the guys have been insanely busy making sure the Redmond store looks awesome (which it does) and George only reading the internet--he has mad saving throws that are rendered useless by his lack of internet presence.

But yeah, the store looks really terrific and will be open tomorrow.

John said...

Ha! Deductive reasoning needs no evidence! See how much you know... Marmot Woman! er.. Girl... maybe Ms. Marmot? Yes! Ms. Marmot! Stalker of the Night! Thief of the Intarnets! Hater of Chocolate (brrr...that last one gave me the heebie-jeebies...how can anyone be so inhuman?)

To be serious, it's a relief that the comic store is now on the ungeek side of the town center. With Uncle Bob's, Gamestop, the theater (Drama Geeks!) and Borders, the density of geekness was threatening to create a singularigeek... er...singeekilarity... something that would have collapsed space and time and caused the elder gods to erupt from their sleeping places across the street in the Marriott. Now you have Pacific Sun and Eddie Bauer to help ease the spacial tensions.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

What he said (eloquently I might add, impressive montage of wordage).Plus George was at the actual store lending his gravitas to the atmosphere this week! And as far as the chocolate avoidance...it simply provides more for those who indulge!


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