Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smoke me a Kipper!

One of the all time best sci-fi comedies is making a return this Easter. Red Dwarf will be airing 4 new episodes (well 3 episodes and a Behind the Scenes show) come Easter on Dave TV in the UK. Does this mean we'll see it in the US on BBC America? I don't know, but I'm sure some P2P networks will have it.

Will it be any good? Who cares! It's new Dwarf. And any Dwarf is better than no Dwarf.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

He Is The Law!

Supposedly, a new Judge Dredd movie is in the works.
According the the 2000 A.D. news forums, DNA films (which produced Sunshine and 28 Weeks Later) has picked up the rights and is scheduling production for sometime in 2009.
(Or rather they might be, if everyone at DNA films was on board with the project.)

Not a whole lot more information about this other than a bunch of fan sites sharing this same information. Here, here, here, here.... oh and here.

If you're familiar with Judge Dredd and the denizens of Mega-City 1, this movie could have a lot of potential.

With all the stories available in the 30+ years run of the character, there is a lot to choose from to make a great movie.

Or... it could suck just as bad as last time.
Even with an impressive cast, a ginormous budget, and costumes designed by none other than Gianni Versace the previous effort did little more than fall flat on it's face.

But with a new production company taking up the helm, a global fanbase, and studios that are looking for comic books to bring to the silver screen.... this might just work a second time around.

Here's hoping anyway.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ricardo Montalban (1920-2009)

(Cross-posted from "Untitled.")

The override. Where's the override?!?

Rest in Peace, Mr. Montalban.

May Heaven be covered in Rich Corinthian Leather and may all your Fantasies be granted.

I have no other words. It's a dark day.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mike Oeming & Kirby Krackle!

We have a double-header all lined up for you this time! Mike Avon Oeming has re-scheduled his appearance at the Comic Stop Lynnwood, followed by the debut of the world's first real Comic Rock Band, Kirby Krackle!

The store signing with Mike Avon Oeming (Powers, Bulletproof Monk, Hammer of The Gods, etc) will take place from 1pm to 4pm at the Lynnwood location, on Saturday, January 31st. besides showing off his awesome new book, Mice Templar, Mike is also celebrating his birthday with us, so make sure to say "Happy Birthday!"

Mike Oeming is best known for his artwork on Powers with co-creator Brian Michael Bendis, but he is also an accomplished writer whose work includes Omega Flight, Stormbreaker: The Sage of Beta Ray Bill, Ares, Thor: Blood Oath, and many more.

Immediately after the signing, Kirby Krackle shall hit the stage, debuting their self-titled debut CD.

Kirby Krackle is the brainchild of Comic Guru Jim Demonakos and Uber Musician Kyle Stevens, who have put together a unique sound of music with lyrics based off of the best that pop culture has to offer. Their style of music can be called Geek Rock, Nerd Core, Comic Rock, whatever you want to call it. To miss this show is to turn in your license to be a Geek.

Kirby Krackle will play from 4pm to 5pm. Afterwards, there will be an after-party with food and drinks. This will be good times, people. Be there.

UPDATE: The co-creator of Mice Templar, Bryan Glass, will be making an appearance at the Mike Oeming store signing, which gives everyone the perfect chance to get their new Mice Templar HC signed by both creators!

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