Thursday, July 3, 2008

Boo. Ya.


Elwood said...

A splendiforous display of verility and fortitude. I was taken forward in time, and then back again, and the forward once more by it's brilliance.

Doctor Smoke said...

My brain just melted with pure awesomeness exposure.

seriously the movie hellboy is SOOOO much greater than the comic book version.

But I've always been hot on blasphemy.

Boo ya indeed.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

Who knew James Lipton had a sense of humor?

Seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing Hellboy as much as I am to seeing the new Batman movie.


See latin defintion below:

anceps -cipitis [two-headed]; hence [with two peaks or edges]. Transf. ,[coming on or from both sides; of two natures; ambiguous, uncertain, undecided]; hence [dangerous]; n. as subst., [danger].

word, straight from the latin dictionary. :)

Elwood said...

Da-yum. Look at the big brain on Oracle, bringing the fancy talk.

I cannot say that I'm looking forward to Hellboy II as much as I am to Dark Knight - my 3am ticket came in the mail! I've never read that comic, and have only seen the first Hellboy movie once, although I suspect I'll watch it again sometime before I see the HBII.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

On the subject of words, I think you have me beat hands down on this post thread Elwood. :) And on the subject of multiple viewings (and 3am movie viewing! Got mah ticket waitin' at the ticket booth! Yeeeehawww!) I'll most assuredly be seeing Dark Knight twice well before my second viewing of Hellboy 2, which most likely solves the dilemma of which will reign supreme in geekish awesomeness.