Thursday, July 10, 2008

Batman R.I.P. Tie-ins

I have been a huge fan of the Batman RIP series and cannot wait to see what happens in the remaining issues. So, naturally, I was pretty excited for Detective Comics to come out this week since it was a tie-in to Batman RIP. Unfortunetly, I was terribly disappointed. Not by the issue itself, I am a huge Hush fan, but by the fact that DC claimed that this was a tie-in. Just because you add a couple of lines into the script that pay homage to Batman RIP... that doesn't make it a tie-in and it defiantly doesn't deserve the title at the top of the issue.

Seriously... the Hush storyline is it's own beast, why do they think they have to force it to tie-in with RIP? It took me out of my comic book reading experience and made me roll my eyes. What ever happened to the type of tie-ins that they did during Knightfall? Those are tie-ins... Ones where you actually need to read all of the issues to get the whole story. Nobody needs to read Detective Comics 846 to understand RIP at all. It tells you nothing new.

How frustrating... I guess I have to wait another month for my RIP fix.


Girl Friday said...

I knew I should've printed out a sign to warn people as much.

It was a good story, but yeah, I don't really want to see a RIP tie-in that has Batman in it. Because Batman is currently in a Zur-En-Arrh suit and kicking it old school with Bat-Mite.

I'm holding out more for the Robin and Nightwing tie-ins.

Damon Friend said...

Yeah... I was thinking the whole time that if this was truly a RIP tie-in, Batman wouldn't even be there (at least not in his typical bat suit).

As for the Robin and Nightwing... The Robin one is already in trouble because of the lack of Chuck Dixon (which means it will be thrown together most likely) and the Nightwing one doesn't even make sense in Nightwing's current... uhm... state.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Seems like DC has been trying to up their sales with stunts like this. There was another cross-over where they did the same thing.

I also question:

1) Why they never have footers anymore that direct you to a back issue. I used to love it when some reference was made in the story and the footer would tell you what issue you needed to reread.

2) Why they removed the numeric Superman numbering from the front of the Superman titles. In year past, you could take all the Supes titles (no matter what the actual comic title was) and line them up sequentially. Now? Good luck. Hell, DC can’t even figure out which Fortress of Solitude he has now.

Darth McQuinn said...

You know what I liked about the Detective RIP crossover? It made sense. I know that's asking quite a bit from my comic but I'm sorry. Three issues into the RIP story it reads like William Burroughs writing Batman while on acid. And while I realize that may sound cool and edgy to some, it reads like crap. I am hating RIP so fucking much right now. I have hopes that Morrison can pull it all together by the end of the run as he has with other stories he has done but as of this moment, I hate, HATE it! (Did I mention that I think it's bad? Ok. Just checking.)

Damon Friend said...

It made sense, but not as a RIP tie-in... that was my point.

As for the main RIP storyline, I'd disagree with you, I'm loving it, but I could see why someone wouldn't enjoy it. I find myself going back and reading each issue after reading the newest one and I had to reread all of Morrison's run on Batman before RIP came out.

I think too much of it could get old, but a six issue run is fine.