Friday, July 25, 2008

Batman R.I.P. Tie-ins (Part 2)

When Detective Comic's version of a Batman R.I.P. Tie-in came out I posted my issues with it. Now that Robin has come out with it's version of a R.I.P. Tie-in, I decided it was only fair to take a look at how it was handled.

Given that Morrison stated that he had no idea what they were doing with the R.I.P. Tie-ins and wasn't involved with them at all, Robin did a surprisingly good job. This is coming from a pretty biased source too, because I was ready to tear this tie-in apart for multiple reasons. The first being that Chuck Dixon wasn't writing it (this still depresses me), the next reason being that the first R.I.P. Tie-in was awful, and given that Chuck Dixon was listed as being the writer for the longest time (and still is), I knew it was going to be rushed.

All that being said, I was wonderfully surprised. It was really good. I like the idea of Robin being more independent and having to think of what he would have to do without Batman, or worse, if he needed to take Batman down. Of course, if you were looking for it to fill in any of the pieces of R.I.P. storyline (which I wasn't), you probably wouldn't be too impressed. It added nothing to the story at all, but at least Batman wasn't in it (Stupid Detective Comics....) and at least it dealt with the R.I.P. storyline. All in all, it was a strong Robin issue and a solid R.I.P. Tie-in. Color me impressed.

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