Saturday, May 8, 2010

IRON MAN 2 [Review]

Not only are Tony Stark and Iron Man one, but Robert Downey, Jr. completes the set. This role has been the part of a lifetime for RDJ, and he plays Tony Stark with such a perfect mix of glee and determination that it even makes this lifelong die-hard Batman fan sit back and say, “Bruce who?”

IM2 is nothing but pure fun from start to finish, and the movie just flies by. The action is non-stop, the dialogue is sharp and funny, and this is the perfect movie to kick off what promises to be a really outstanding summer at the movies.

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Also, big thanks to everyone who came out to the PacSci IMAX to see this film with the Comic Stop Social Club. It was an great night out with everyone! Let's do it again sometime, okay?