Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Night Fights: Flaming Carrot vs. The Alien

Unfortunately the Friday Nights Fights are not taking place over on Bahlactus's site this week.
They've been postponed until April 18th.
(That's why I'm getting this one done a little earlier in the day than normal)

In the meantime, while going through back issues of FC looking for some fights to post, I had this one saved up for this week. I'll still post it anyway, even though I'm a few days late for the 'joke'.

Hey Flaming Carrot! What do you wanna play?
Okay then, here we go!


Alien Biology 101 w/ Flaming Carrot

Enjoy your weekend!


Ferretnick said...

To Elwood:
If you'd like, I can leave one of my Flaming Carrot TB's in your box next week so you can check it out.

Just let me know.

Elwood said...

Dude...that'd be cool (#115). You coming to poker night Saturday, cause I can just get it from you then.

Kamikaze Baseball, otherwise known as the New York Mets.

Ferretnick said...

Unfortunately not planning at being there for poker night.
Hotness & I are going to the ballet that evening.

But... if I can talk her into it, we'll try to swing by on the way home and make an appearance (and I'll bring it with me). Otherwise it'll be in your box next Wednesday.

Elwood said...

Excellent! Thanks!