Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Loonie" Tunes

I noticed something different tonight after I got home from picking up my comics. Only one price on the cover.

For the first time in my lifetime, the Canadian Dollar is worth more than the US Dollar ($1 USD = $1.02 CAD according to In fact, the steady decline of the US Dollar as it relates to comic book pricing can be tracked back a couple of years. In this example, I'll be using "Checkmate," which has been in publication for 24 issues now.

Checkmate #1, cover date June 2006:

$2.99 USD, $4 CAD - same as it ever was.

Checkmate #12, cover date May 2007:

$2.99 USD, $3.65 CAD - price coming down...

Checkmate #24, cover date May 2008:

Even Money.

If not for the high price of gas, and the additional ID requirements at the border, my next LCS could very well be in Vancouver. But hey...more money for beer and back bacon!


Brian Meredith said...

That is seriously messed up...

I hadn't even thought of looking at the cover prices as a gauge of how our dollar value continues to spiral down.

Nice catch, Todd!

I wonder... Will we soon match with the Peso?

Elwood said...

Sí. Un día el dólar americano valdrá alrededor tanto como el clavo en el dedo gordo de mi pie derecho.

Darth McQuinn said...

The scariest thing? That you actually had a Bob and Doug on display that you could take a picture and post, eh?

Elwood said...

Yeah. I'm a hosehead of the first order.