Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Night Fights: Iron Fist vs. Ben Grimm

Aw yeah, time for a little fist-to-face action!
This'll be the first time we've ever entered the ring (and I encourage any of you other Comic Stop Bloggers to help continue and make this a tradition for us), but Bahlactus has spoken and the Friday Night Fights are on!

Tonight we have a little domestic squabble that leads to a total K.O. of Aunt Petunia's favorite blue-eyed boy... Ben "The Thing" Grimm.

"Sweet Mama" is right.

This edition of Friday Night Fights is brought to you by the 1982 classic:
Fred Hembeck's "Fantastic Four Roast"

*** UPDATE! ***
This fight won the event for the evening and I got myself a snazzy harcover edition of "Marvel Zombies: The Covers"!
Which is way-cool, since I'll be able to get it signed by Arthur Suydam at the ECCC this year.
So... anybody else want to jump in the ring for next week's showdown?