Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Night Fights: Death vs. A Drunk Thug

Friday Night Fights again and this time we're kickin' it Old Skool style with a classic black and white fight between Death himself and some drunk dumb enough to take him on.

(* these panels are not in sequential order)

Oh that wacky Mr. Death.
He's a tricky one!
Sponsored by the letters; K & O and the number 3
So speaks Bahlactus!

This fight comes to you from the 1984 story "Death Gets Drunk" in Flaming Carrot Comics Vol. 1 No.2 by Bob Burden


Darth McQuinn said...

Oh Flaming Carrot, where for hast thou gone?

Ferretnick said...

You can never get enough surreal goodness like good ol' FC!

What a great (and very strange) character.