Monday, June 16, 2008

How Can I Pick A Side?

Word on the streets (where I'm from) is that the new MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE game could be heavily involving last year's CIVIL WAR storyline. Any truth on the side mission storyline involving YELLOW JACKET sewing up GOLIATH'S recently blown out guts for extra points remains to be seen.


John said...

There's also a rumor of a Spider-Man vs Marvel Zombies game out there right now, too.

I find it interesting how appealing it is for some people to have situations where heroes fight other heroes.

Oracle_Batgirl said...

Depending on the game play, I'd be interested in checking this game out when it launches. I've enjoyed the previous Marvel Alliance xbox game (very easy on the noggin beer and pretzels combat). I do like the idea of a moral dilemma presented to good people on two sides of the same coin, as in Civil War but there were some aspects of the story arc I had issue with. But then, that's another story. :)