Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Batman: Gotham Knight

Five whole minutes of Batman: Gotham Knight which is out on July 8th. Suuuuper awesome!


Oracle_Batgirl said...

So gonna buy that...holy talmales that was cool!! Nice find Girl Friday K. :)

Wicked Juan said...

Batman Begins will also be re-released on the same date, including a Blu-Ray version. Cannot wait for that. Double Batman awesometivity in one day.

Also, tickets for The Dark Knight at IMAX at Pacific Science Center are already on sale. Seriously contemplating the July 18th 3am showing... who's in?

Oracle_Batgirl said...

*waves hands around wildly*



Yes, I'm in

Elwood said...

3am showing? Really? Aren't we all a little too old for that kind of thing?

Pfft-HA! Just kidding. I'm so in, if you're planning a thing.

Wicked Juan said...

Let's plan a thing.

tomztoyz said...

Oh my God!! Oh my God!! Oh my God!! I can't wait till this hits the screen, it looks so awesome!!

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Thanks, Tommy