Sunday, June 29, 2008

Atari Label Maker and Poker Party Review

Juan found this link to the Atari Label maker like, forever ago. I made one as an example of the kind of fun you can have with it. :)

The comic stop poker party/bbq was a lot of fun this Saturday. It was cool to meet so many of the other comic stop patrons/fellow comic geeks. Elwood, maybe you'd like to do a toy story about the events of the evening? Kyle, bring your guitar and we can all have a sing along (I mean come on, everyone knows the theme song to Firefly right?!) *grins* Oh and btw, watch out for George. He's a poker playing badass!! ;)~


Girl Friday said...

Super-bummed I missed it. Had my own shenanigans, but next time, I am so there.

Who wants to play Ninja Burger?

Oracle_Batgirl said...

I'm in.

And you were commented on (nicely) and missed.

Your blog makes me buy things btw. :)