Friday, April 10, 2009

Doctor Zombie & Steve Lawlis!

As I'm sure many of you are doing the same, I am still recovering from the massive dinosaur of a convention we just held this last weekend. I could sleep for a week (if I could get away with it!)

One of the many things I was doing to prepare for ECCC this year was get the latest issues of Doctor Zombie and Steve Lawlis ready for the show and available. How I managed to get them done in time, I just don't know... but I did, and they are now at the Lynnwood Comic Stop.

The Adventures of Doctor Zombie #2 continues the stories of the Doctor Archibald Zombie and his assistant Marigold Murray, as penned by my talented daughter Mackenzie. In fact, this issue has a double dose of awesome, with two stories drawn by two different artists. In the first story, our regular artist Erik Thompson illustrates what happens when Doctor Zombie and Marigold try to spend the night at the movies, especially with a vengeful magician named Chuck lurking in the shadows. In the second story, we have guest artist Ryan Cody (Villains, Popgun, Hurricane Kids) showing what happens when an irate Dinosaur tries taking his anger out on the city Doctor Zombie is sworn to protect.

Steve Lawlis: Zombieville USA #1 continues the tales of Steve Lawlis and his pal Pete Redshirt, agents for the Department of Horror Intervention. In this first of three issues, Steve and Pete are called to a little town in the middle of nowhere to deal with a strange zombie infestation. Expecting a town out of Resident Evil, imagine their surprise when they find a peaceful little burg straight out of Leave It To Beaver. This series is not only drawn by Erik, but he is making his debut as writer. It's good stuff, kids.

Like I said earlier, anyone interested in these can pick them up at the Lynnwood Comic Stop, or we can even transfer them to the Everett or Redmond shops.

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