Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sean McKeever Off of Teen Titans

The moment that many Titans fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. Sean McKeever has left the Teen Titans.

“I did have future plans for Teen Titans but I just found myself needing to step away. I guess I'd have to chalk this one up to the vague and oft-used ‘creative differences.’ It happens." McKeever is quoted as saying. He goes on to add, “I do still have a working relationship with Dan (Didio) and DC, as evidenced by my coming onboard as writer of the Ravager serial. I'm also currently talking to Dan about a couple cool and exciting possibilities for the future.”

Now if they will just get rid of this lame ass team,

perhaps we can forgive them for the past 2 years worth of stories.


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woohoo! now if only Geoff Johns could handle just one more book...