Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Return Of Katchoo & Francine

Terry Moore is working on a one-shot with the characters from SiP.
No word on when it'll be coming out yet or what it'll be about... but it's Terry Moore and SiP, so who cares?!?

I'm so excited I think I just soiled myself.

And if you haven't been reading his latest creator-owned title, "ECHO", now's a good time to jump on.
He's only up to issue #11, but the story is getting big.


Dr. Zoltar said...

Echo is at issue 11?!?! Oh crap, I think I'm missing a couple then.

Oh, and it's a crazy good series so far!

Oracle_Batgirl said...

I love SIP, so this is very good news indeed. :)

Echo has been good, I'm looking forward to seeing where he goes with it.