Friday, August 22, 2008

If At First You Don't Succeed...

...Fly, Fly Again?

Bryan Singer, Brandon Routh, and Co. are all out of a job. Warner Bros. is going to scrap the franchise and re-boot from scratch. I'm assuming this will mean that the continuity set forth by the Christopher Reeve films, and followed in Superman Returns will be left alone.

Thoughts? Reactions? I know that DC and WB are wanting to really compete with Marvel in the multiplex, and only the Batman films have been able to do that. With Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and various other DC/Vertigo properties in the works, is this a step in the right direction, or is this box office kryptonite?


Evil Twin said...

I seriously didn't like superstalkerman.
The only thing that worked for me in that film was Kevin Spacey.

Perhaps now Bryan Singer will go back to Fox and save X-Men.

Dr. Zoltar said...

Good! The latest film was unpalatable. Let’s hope someone who can do this right comes along. They’d do well to read some of Rucka’s Superman stuff for inspiration.

It’s too bad that WB is involved. Marvel got much better when they controlled their own movies.

Elwood said...

I think that since Warner Brothers owns DC comics, they aren't likely to grant autonomous control of the films under their banner to anyone.

I agree that Spacey made an excellent Luthor, but even he will need to go to completely reboot.

If they can get writing, casting, and directing like Batman...there will be no stopping them. TDK has set the DC bar pretty high.

Kyle said...

I am the only one who finds it crazy to reboot already after the film only came out 3 years ago? It's like in elementary school when you would say, "Ok Ok, I'm gonna try for REAL this time".

Ferretnick said...

Well, I'm in the minority.
I actually liked the Superman movie alot.
It has it's weak moments and was heavily influenced by the Donner films that preceded it, but overall I really enjoyed it. (It's no 'Spider-Man', or 'Batman Begins' grant you...)

As for a reboot? Why?
Just move on from there. The character was just brought back to the screen.
Are they wanting to take a 'darker' tack with Superman since 'Dark Knight' was so succesful? I certainly hope not.

I'd like to see some knew characters introduced. I'm a little tired of Lex Luthor being in EVERY Superman film for one reason or another. So that might make it good for that reason only.

Evil Twin said...

They should just make a 'Superdickery' film and the whole world would be filled with happiness.
I REALLY wanna see Superman get hit by a 'fat-ray'.
Or throw his dog into outer-space.
And the time-travelling Lois lane Pope-mobile!!!!
The possibilities are endless.
And at the end just when the credits have finished rolling a quick shot of Kevin Spacey saying: