Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Damon's Comic Book of the Week - 8/6/08

Robin #176
Easily the most exciting comic book I read this week. You get to see a glimpse of Robin growing up and becoming more like his influences. Will he grow up to be more like Batman (you could see some of the attitude in this issue), Nightwing (Robin's look?)... or Red Robin (what the heck!)? I don't think I have been this thrilled with a Robin issue for a long time.


Oracle_Batgirl said...

This pic is on my laptop. Awesome piece. I have yet to read the book, now I'm intrigued.

Damon Friend said...

The interesting thing is that the cover is different then the one I posted... It's spoiler standing over Batman instead of Penguin.

Also, IGN disagrees with me, so I guess take from that what you will...