Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Face Spoiler Picture

So, I am going to assume this is a real picture of Two Face since most all the sites that originally had it up have been asked by Warner Brothers to take it down. Click here is you are interested. If not, move along. Nothing to see here. :)


Elwood said...

Holy Scar Tissue, Batman! I'm soooooo excited for this movie.

Wicked Juan said...

I like that you can leave comments without viewing the picture, even if you are total ruiners for posting spoilerific stuff.

Remember: if things go wrong at the 'Con, we know who to blame. Call it Reason #52. (Reason #51 was the inability to produce an itemized receipt after purchase, for those keeping score at home).

Your daily dose of random is now complete. You're welcome.