Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Robert Crumb Exhibit

Anybody interested in seeing some original art on display by one of the 'fathers' of the underground comics movement, might want to head to Seattle and visit the Frye Art Museum in the next few weeks.

They are having an exhibition of original works of art by Robert Crumb that spans almost his entire career.

On display are sketchbooks from his early childhood, published & un-published pages of comic art from the 60's & 70's, anthology pieces, on up through some of his current works for magazines like the New Yorker.

Robert Crumb is best known for some of his anti-establishment characters during the hippie movement in the late sixties through the early seventies. Most notably among them were Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural (below).

Also on display is a sculpture of Devil Girl, another of Crumb's famous creations.

The exhibit is FREE.

That's right, it'll cost you nothing to see it, and there's even parking across from the museum that you don't have to pay for. What a deal!
(But please do leave a donation in the box as you leave to help keep the museum going)

Be advised, however, that his art is mostly of a very mature nature and is not suitable for younger audiences.
In fact, sensitive viewers might find a lot of his works objectionable.

The exhibit runs until April 27th, so hurry before it's gone.

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