Thursday, February 21, 2008

"ECHO" on stands soon

Looking for something a little different in your comic books?
Are spandex superheroes are a bit too "testsoterone-driven" for you?
You just can't get into the "aternative comics scene"?
And Archie comics just don't hold the drama of the human condition for you?

Well, I have a book to recommend to you.... "ECHO".
Written and drawn by Terry Moore, it's a story about a woman who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and how her life changes after that.

The main character is a young woman named Julie Martin who is in the desert taking photographs when she sees an expolsion in the sky overhead. As debris falls down all around her, little does she know what it was and what kind of impact it will soon have on her life.
Julie unkowing becomes a host for.... ah ah ah! I don't want to give too much away yet!
You can get a 5-page sneak-peek at it here though.

If you never read "Strangers In Paradise" (Terry's first original, creator-owned series) you've been missing out. It won several awards, has been translated in practically every known language and is read world-wide.

His stories are character-driven and he really knows how to give those characters a personality.
Each one is unique and you really find yourself getting involved in the story with them as if they were actual people.
Not to mention, he personally draws and inks each issue so the story he's telling is totally coming from his vision. Not one writer's idea and then interpreted by one artist for a few issues and then somebody else a few issues later.
It's his baby. Start to finish.

Terry is also taking up the writing duties on a couple of Marvel books: "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane" and "Runaways". So you can test drive his writing skills on a major publisher's book if you're not sure about his creator-owned work quite yet.

I can't recommend this book enough.
It's due to be on the stands the first week of March, so be sure to let the guys at the shop know you'd like to check it out.
I think you might really enjoy it.

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Brian Meredith said...

An excellent recommendation, Tom. I'm looking forward to reading this...