Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No New Comics for Christmas...

The sudden dropping of snow early this morning has had the unwanted, if not entirely unexpected, effect of delaying our new comics shipment today.

According to our UPS tracking numbers, the majority of our boxes are stuck on the Eastside. A few boxes made it through, but are actually still in transit to the Everett UPS Hub, where we pick up the boxes.

This means that all three shops are going to be without new comics today. However, all three stores will be open for the afternoon. Although I am personally snowed in, George should be opening the Lynnwood store, while Chris and Michael are opening the Everett and Redmond stores.

New Comics should be available on Friday, December 26th. However, thanks to the massive backlog at UPS, there is a chance we may not see them until next week.

Until then, be safe out there and have a good Christmas!


1 comment:

Ferretnick said...

No new comics for Christmas?!?
What kind of store is this?
You have a public to answer to! I'm going to sue for not having my entertainment when I want it.

Just kidding guys. :^)
Be safe, have a Happy and Warm Christmas.
I'll see you (hopefully with goodies) after it thaws a little.
I hope Santa brings you something special and unexpected this year.